Business Process Management

BPM is an integrated business processes modeling, optimization and management solution enabling companies to increase their business performance. Successful companies invest in optimizing core processes to respond faster and deliver higher quality services to their customers, while reducing operational costs and improving profitability. Arggo BPM streamlines the way companies work by mapping complex workflows, constantly changing rules and disparate data from legacy systems into a platform where processes are easy to deploy and manage. Without requiring any programming knowledge, the platform enables rapid visual modeling of web applications that can then be accessed from any device.

BPM support any type of business process, like:
• Procurement approval;
• Expenditures approval
• HR Systems (Performance management, recruitment);
• Bank Loan processes;
• Ticketing;
• Collaboration and integration applications;
• Invoices approval;
• Contract generation and management;
• Document Management.
• TimeSheets.