The challenge

Distributors need to ensure that all their operations are optimally aligned with the demand. Working in separate systems to establish projections or sales forecasts is a poor substitute for a single, complete and up-to-date picture of this demand.


• An integrated solution for orders, inventory, billing and purchasing;
• Automatic acquisition suggestions;
• Frame-orders for organizing long-term contracts;
• Manage purchase transactions;
Item tracking with serialization, lot tracking and warranty formulas;
• Possibility of advanced inventory management features;
• Customer and supplier management;
• Organization of registrations with barcode solutions;
• Multiple sites and responsibility centers;
• Product replacement and cross reference;
EDI and XML solutions for data exchange.

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Arggo’s team of professionals will analyze your business’s needs and offer you the best existing or tailored solution which will provide you company with the agility to scale your operations to match demand through real time inventory data to drive proactive, responsive sales operations, make good purchasing decisions, and minimize inventory costs.

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