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SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) through the Information Declaration D406

Arggo Consulting’s team, using the necessary experience in extracting data from the system and generating XML files, has developed a SAF-T reporting solution which helps companies fulfill the requests of the Romanian tax authorities.

SAF-T is an international standard for the electronic transmission of accounting data from enterprises to national tax authorities. The SAF-T reporting obligation is currently in place across a range of European countries. Romania is also planning to implement a SAF-T requirement and early next year, starting with January 2022 it is mandatory for large taxpayers and all these will have to submit the Standard Audit File for Tax through the Informative Declaration D406.

Arggo Consulting develops both the SAF-T solution for Dynamics and a stand-alone solution for clients that have not implemented a Dynamics ERP system, both of which are tested and implemented for a number of clients that are part of the company's portfolio.

How can Arggo Consulting help your company regarding the SAF-T Standard Audit File for Tax?

Arggo Consulting offers complete solutions regarding the SAF-T via the D406 Declaration: data mapping – with all the information available in ERP’s, unique or multiple export in XML file, integrated nomenclature update, support in file validation with DUKIntegrator.

All the necessary information is extracted automatically, and in obtaining the declaration users will have a detailed procedure that they can follow for parameterization and verification. In case of unforeseen situations, Arggo Consulting provides support from transaction identification to DUK validation.

The declaration is available as a stand-alone extension, starting with NAV 2013R2, to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v.18, and with AX v.09 and AX v.12, to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which can be used independently of the existing database localization package.

Through this solution, all steps are completed in the client’s system before the files are sent through a secure network to the ANAF tax authority portal.

We take into consideration the needs of our clients in obtaining this declaration, and the export method ensures the realization of the file for any company.

How can customers who have not implemented a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system obtain the SAF-T statement?

Arggo Consulting has also developed an independent solution using the Timeqode platform, a solution that can be implemented regardless of the ERP system used by the client, to obtain the SAF-T declaration. Thus, the application validates the data from various systems, generates the XML file and saves a history of the statements and uploaded information.

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